Counter social stereotypes and challenge your own assumptions about what you’re capable of doing. A good way to do this is by submitting your work to Stigma Battle using the request information section at the bottom of the page. We offer compensation for qualified submissions.

The requirements for article submission include:

1) Your name and bio above your article’s title. The article should be sent via e-mail to

2) 350+ compelling words on anything mental health related

3) An understanding that some editorial changes may be made (just for enhanced readability)

4) Be yourself. Stigma Battle editorials are meant to be conversational and inspiring to others. While we publish serious news articles, we like the writer’s voice to shine in their editorial or op-ed submissions. 

5) Don’t hold back. There is no area of mental illness that Stigma Battle will not discuss.

Thanks for your time, and we hope to hear from you soon!